Why Are Callers Contacting Your Business?

How call tracking can help find out your caller’s intention

Have you ever wondered why your callers are actually calling your business? In other words, have you ever wondered if your advertising campaigns are actually resulting in callers calling to purchase a product or service from your business (if this is the goal of your campaign)?

This is a question many business owners have and struggle to answer. While it’s great to be able to look at an advertising campaigns performance in Google Analytics and say we’ve had ‘x’ amount of calls, do you actually know what part of your business these calls are coming into?

If the majority of these calls are for support, billing or account enquiries and are not actually driving sales calls, then your advertising campaigns may not be working as you had intended them to.

However finding out your caller’s intention is something that can be difficult to measure and being able to answer questions like ‘why did this person contact my business’ and ‘what do they actually want’ is something all business craves.

Our call tracking solution offers a number of features which can help you to understand what your caller’s intention is.

IVR Capture

When someone calls your business and they are greeted by a menu prompt or interactive voice response (IVR) system, they will generally select the option which best reflects what they want to do, whether that is purchasing, requesting support, enquiring about a bill etc.

Our IVR/DTMF intercept feature captures the menu options selected by your callers, giving you an indication about which department your callers are going through to, at least initially.

For example, if callers are regularly going through to your sales department this may be an indication that your campaigns are working at driving sales enquiries, whereas if they are regularly going through to support, this may not only be an indication that your campaigns are not working but also that they are having issues with your product or service which you may need to address.

The IVR capture information can be found in our portal and can also be pushed into Google Analytic as a custom dimension.

Repeat Callers

Just like repeat website visitors, repeat callers are often a great sign that a caller is engaged with your business and may have a high purchasing intent. This is even more likely if the caller makes more than two calls and is going through to your sales department.

Our solution can pick up repeat callers, and allow you to set the time frame between calls before they are marked as repeat.

Repeat caller data can also be found in our portal.

The IVR capture information can be found in our portal and can also be pushed into Google Analytic as a custom dimension.

Call duration (sec)

Calls to your sales department with a long duration generally indicate a detailed conversation has taken place and that the caller may be close to a purchase decision.

If you have high average call duration, this may be a good sign your sales team is having good conversations with potential purchases of your product or service.

Call duration and average call duration information are both found in the Delacon Portal in a range of reports.

  1. The Dashboard
  2. Total Calls Report
  3. Keyword Report
  4. Geography Tracking Report
  5. Call Timing Report
  6. Call Log
  7. AdWords Report