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PCI Compliance and Security for Call Tracking

PCI – DSS Compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) are security and compliance requirements for all companies and merchants accepting credit card payments, whether in store, online or over the phone.

Why does it exist?

PCI Compliance is designed to ensure companies provide the highest possible level of security when processing credit card payments and handling customer data.

It exists to ensure businesses have a set of standards for customers to have trust in businesses that are taking their credit card information.

What actually is it?

PCI compliance is essentially about having a series of processes, procedures and technical solutions in place to protect customer data and ensure secure payments. Requirements can include having:

  • secure firewalls to protect data from breaches
  • encrypting data during transfer
  • maintaining and updating any anti-virus software
  • maintaining secure systems
  • restricting access to sensitive information
  • securing all digital assets used by the organisation including ensuring password protection is used
  • monitoring all access to your network
  • testing security regularly
  • ensuring you have a security policy that is updated and reviewed regularly
What are the benefits of PCI compliance?
  • Ability to demonstrate to your customers that their private information is protected, helping to build a level of trust.
  • Improving your reputation with banks and financial institutions including credit card companies.
  • A commitment to your customers to protect their data.
Delacon and PCI Compliance

Our PCI Compliance Solution provides peace of mind to our clients whose customers are providing credit card or other sensitive information over the phone. With the click of a button, all credit card and sensitive information can be removed from all call recordings, IVRs, Screen Recordings, Agency Desktops and the Physical Contact Center Environment.

Essentially when a caller needs to provide credit card details – either verbally or via telephone key presses – any screen or call recordings will stop and the operator answering the phone will be unable to hear the call. Once the information has been provided, the call will resume as normal.

This premium service is now available on request to our customers.


If you would like to make an inquiry about our PCI Compliance solution, please contact us today.