Convert More Travel Customers In 2020

Convert More Travel Customers in 2020

In order to convert more travel customers, you must consider some key trends that will set you up for success, the phone call being one of great importance. Think about this: research shows that 60 per cent of mobile searching results in a call when the customer is in the purchase phase, furthermore, 43 per cent of all web search-related sales conversions take place over the phone.

Customers are looking for quick answers when it comes to high value purchases such as travel, and with the majority of the demographic using mobile devices to research and pursue their objectives, phone calls are the most convenient and trustworthy avenue of communication.

In fact, our travel clients have found that between 35% and 60% of total sales leads looking to make an instant purchase come from phone calls. Phone calls happen to convert 10 x more than online leads

Because the highest value customers are those that call, it is critical to understand trends and be able to optimize and improve inbound services accordingly. By accurately measuring phone call performance through call tracking and speech analytics, travel businesses are able to ensure that their customers are receiving attention through all channels, while simultaneously identifying any marketing and compliance gaps, and receiving a clear picture of the entire customer journey.

Speech Analytics can also be incorporate to categorise calls, measure compliance, develop lead scores for agents and see exactly what is happening on each of the calls the business receives. It’s a technology that will add unrivaled value and streamline a plethora of processes.

Call Tracking works together with optimization strategies to deliver a greater ROI and provide the powerful data needed to fine tune the best possible customer experience. The implementation of call tracking enables travel businesses to monitor which marketing sources are delivering calls to their business, providing a holistic overview of marketing performance.  Additionally, the technology enables effective tracking of all offline channels such as print, TV, radio and more.

Some Vital Call Tracking Features that will enable your business to convert more customers

  • Time of day reports – these provide a daily or hourly breakdown of call volumes over a given period, as well as a breakdown of the number of calls answered, unanswered, the average duration and if a sale has occurred. This assists with time of day and day of the week bidding.
  • Call outcomes – see what happened to each one of your calls. Was the call missed, answered or did the customer hang up? Marketers can take this further by implementing a call feedback survey, which allows businesses to see which calls resulted in a sale and the value of each sale. This will also reveal how efficient a business’ call center is at answering incoming calls.
  • Route calls efficientlycall routing technology allows for businesses to route calls to their various departments based on either the IVR (interactive voice response) selection, or the call tracking data collected.
  • Caller intent – IVR intercept (customer selects 1 for sales or 2 for existing customer) features captures the menu options selected by callers, allowing businesses to see which department calls are going through to. By seeing the number of calls going through to your sales department, you can match these records against sales made to see how effective your sales team is. IVR intercept data can also be pushed into Google Analytics and displayed in a dashboard; and pushed into bid management platforms to ensure bidding on keywords that generated calls to your sales team.

Finally, the application of Call Tracking is enhanced by its integration into a variety of platforms. By integrating into CRMs, bid managers, tag managers and analytics platforms, both marketing and sales optimization can become even more effective.

If you’d like to find or more details about how Call Tracking and Speech Analytics will assist in acquiring more leads, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today!