Delacon Community How Our Team Can Help

Delacon Community- How Our Team Can Help

The Delacon team prides in putting you first. We are here to help each of our clients and would like you to all know that our team will be right beside you during these trying times.

Did you know, we’re not just a call tracking provider? We’ve been speaking to clients over the last few weeks and helping to target various issues you are encountering.

Last week, one of our finance clients had to urgently get 4,000 people working from home, so we suggested some call routing and IVR solutions. Their internal IT team could not do it fast enough and Delacon stepped in. In just a few days, it was business as usual- but from home.

Another client needed a quick set-up of hunt-group routing for staff working from home- this is a tool where if a call is unanswered by one operator, it automatically goes to another member of the team. The process was then configured geographically as their customer enquiries are heavily location based.

Our IVR, call routing and various other call management solutions can be a huge help when you are dealing with unexpected circumstances.  We also have a trusted partner eco-system and we know which companies have the services you may need to deploy quickly and efficiently. Reach out to our team here, contact us if you need some assistance.