Delacon’s speech analytics and call transcription platform provides API access through HTTP requests so your speech analytics data can be integrated into your system/platform.

Transcription API

The Speech Analytics Transcription API allows you to receive the transcribed text of a call for a specific Call ID through HTTP request. The result can be received in either JSON or XML format.

Obtaining reports via HTTP request

The Speech Analytics API allows you to receive transcribed text of a call for a given call id.

Transcript can be accessed in JSON format (default) through the following URL using POST request:

You can request an XML version using the optional parameter:

For a detailed description, please see our Speech Analytics Transcript API Userguide.

Sample transcripts

In this sample transcript, the agent spoke first, “Good morning. From business X, Z speaking.” In response, the customer replied, “Good morning. I would like to know about the product Y”. The conversation went on and ended by the customer by saying “Bye”.

Field descriptions

  • “text” – speech transcribed text for the speaker
  • “speaker” – speaker of the “text”. The speaker number represents the caller/agent.
  • “start” – start time of the speech in seconds
  • “end” – end time of the speech in seconds

Sample JSON Transcript

Sample JSON showing the results of a transcription request for an example call:

        "text":"Good morning. From business X, Z speaking.",
        "text":"Good morning. I would like to know about the product Y",

Sample XML Transcript

Sample XML showing the results of a transcription request for any call:

        <text>Good morning. From business X, Z speaking.</text>
        <text>Good morning. I would like to know about the product Y</text>

Keywords and Categories API

The Speech Analytics Keywords and Categories API allows our clients to access Keyword and Category Speech Analytics reports through HTTP requests. The files can be received in either XML or CSV.

This report provides keywords and categories for all phone calls for a given time period.

What is a call category?

Customers and potential customers will call your business for multiple different reasons. You can use our Speech Analytics module to categorise each call into meaningful groups so you can do further analysis.

Examples of call categories include:

  • Sales Calls
  • Bookings
  • Account Enquiries
  • Membership Enquiries
  • Billing
  • Support

How do you create a call category?

During the setup phase of the Speech Analytics module, you will provide Delacon with your business’s main call categories as you know them. Each call category will have within it a set of keywords that are related to that category, plus a weighting for each keyword. This weighting defines the importance of that keyword to that category. Note that keywords can be in multiple categories.

When the module analyses the phone call, it will take the keyword and its weighting into consideration before deciding what category the call should be in.

For example, a call may feature keywords from both the sales category and the billing category but may mention sale category keywords more frequently or may mention sales category keywords which have a higher weighting than the billing keywords mentioned. Therefore, the call will be defined as a sales call.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is the word or phrase you are looking for in each call category. Each keyword will have a weighting to define their level of importance to each category.

We can also use keyword spotting where our module looks for specific keywords which may be separate to your category keywords. For example, if you are running a promotion for a specific product, you can keyword spot to see how often this product is mentioned in phone calls.

Obtaining reports via HTTP request

Reports can be accessed through the following URL:

or (using the optional parameters)

Sample Speech Analytics reports

Field Descriptions:

  • SamCategory – Pre-defined categories and their corresponding confidence scores for a call is reported in ‘pipe (|)’ delimited format
  • SamTopKeywords – Top keywords/phrases and their corresponding rank for a call is reported in ‘pipe (|)’ delimited format

XML Format

Sample XML showing the results of a reporting query:

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
        <SamCategory>Sales-72.32|Service-10.59|Spare Parts-5.32|General-11.77</SamCategory>
        <SamTopKeywords>new car-1|price-2|how much-3|inspection-4|booking-5|have a look-6| … … … |free servicing-20</SamTopKeywords>

CSV Format

Sample results of a reporting query in comma-separated values format:

Incoming Call Number,Category-Confidence Score,Keywords-Ranking

61293281232, Sales-72.32|Service-10.59|Spare Parts-5.32|General-11.77, new car-1|price-2|how much-3|inspection-4|booking-5|have a look-6| … … … |free servicing-20




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